How It Works

CoolBlue™ Pro Teeth Whitening System

The IntelliWHITE Cool Blue PRO™ Teeth Whitening Light System has been scientifically developed to provide much more rapid whitening results in very short treatment periods – without increased sensitivity or side effects. In order to do this our scientists had to develop several key improvements to the standard peroxide whitening process. The result is a regimen that only takes 5 minutes, 5 times (consecutively) for on average 5 shades whiter.

IntelliWHiTE Pro Express Whitening Kit

The IntelliWHiTE Pro Express whitening kit has several patents pending and is one of the safest, easiest and most effective systems available for at home use. The patent pending latex free Bleach Bumpers easily retracts the lips to effectively keep the no drip paint on whitener on the teeth without mechanical push off of the lips and allows precise application due to increased visibility.



This lessens the chance of side effects from tissue contact and increases effectiveness by preventing saliva wash away and mechanical push off. Amazingly this process only takes ten minutes! The peroxide free (patent pending) Stain Eraser was included in the kit to address the on the go removal of stains that would compromise the whitening. The peroxide free formula gently removes stains, freshens breath and enhances the whitening process. It is clinically tested that after only 6 uses it lightened the teeth 38%! It can be used after every coffee, tea, red wine, sauce, etc without the worry of compromising the whitening. The more it is used it creates a barrier to new stains! A genius solution to the problem of the teeth being more vulnerable to stains while using a peroxide whitener due to the oxygen keeping the teeth pores open.