7 Things To Know Before Buying Teeth Whitening

Teeth are something which is always under scrutiny when you are in social media as you see that there are a large number of influencers who are advertising their treatment. There are sometimes that you want to brighten your teeth and shine your pearly whites. Here are some of the things that you need to be aware of before you are buying a teeth whitening kit.

The ingredients

If you are buying something online one must be aware of the ingredients, especially when it is teeth whitening kits. If you have LED whitening kits, which is a combination of sodium bicarbonate and sodium chloride. Most of the things that the dentists use on your teeth are well-research, but when you spend your money on these expensive kits, there is a high chance that the ingredients that these kits provide are not tested and not safe for long term use.

There are not many active ingredients

Most of these teeth whitening kits do not contain a huge amount of active ingredient that can make your teeth white. Most of these kits only contain 18% of active ingredients which will not give you the result which a visit to a dentist can get you.

These LED light teeth whitening kits come with a protective gear

You see that when you are getting your teeth whitened professionally, there is a lot of professional gear that the dentist wears, which can accelerate the whitening process. A dentist applies a protective barrier which can help prevent any damage. But where you are buying a test kit, you are not aware of this gear. Also, you are unaware of the consequences of long-time exposure of this light to your gums.

The trays are not custom made

DIY kits usually come with trays which you need to place in boiling water to help mould to your teeth. This is done to make sure that they can create a custom tray. This is not as good as the dentists’ works and can result in the gaps, which is not good for your teeth.

Don’t trust the reviews

There are many people who advertise these teeth whitening kits which can be the reason for a lot of the rage around the teeth whitening kits. There are many people trying to persuade to buy a DIY kit, but one needs to aware as not everything is what it is seen. The review more often than not are biased can one can easily get influenced.

The kits might not be safe for you

There are many things one needs to consider before they buy these kits as they might check your gums and teeth which can help with the well being of you. If you are dealing with bleeding gums, chipped teeth and cavity can easily disrupt the whole process and can also cause serious pain.