Q: Does this work on Bonding, Crowns, veneers? Is it safe on dental work?

A: The IntelliWHiTE peroxide Whitener pen and the Peroxide free Stain Eraser formula are safe to use on Dental work They will remove stains from the surface of the dental work and bring them back to the original color your dentist made you. They will not get any lighter than the original shade of porcelain or bonding.


Q. Only a small amount of whitener comes out of the pen each time I click it…how much is needed?

A. We carefully measured the amount to come out of the pen…a small bead is all that is needed for the upper and lower Just Paint a thin layer.


Q. I cant get the bumpers to stay in place..any suggestions?

A. Everyones mouth is unique..so we allow for you to customize it…each piece pulls in two… On the upper place in one full strip and tuck in or pull into two pieces and place as comfortable on the lower..it is easier to place in two pieces.


Q: How often can I use the peroxide free Stain Eraser? (same formula on polish side Pout n Polish)

A: Anytime!! As many times as you like!! Use it after every coffee, cola, meal, smoking..to polish the stains away and freshen up…it is a gentle no peroxide formula.


Q. When will I see results from The IntelliWHiTE whitening system?

A. You will see a difference right away! The before and afters you see are from 7 days of use.


Q. Why are the BOOSTER and Toothpaste in separate tubes?

A. In order to have real whitening which gets the stains deep inside the teeth, you need a professional strength peroxide. Fluoride and Professional strength peroxide cannot coexist in the same tube because they would react with each other. Other whitening toothpastes are in one tube beacuse they only remove surface stains and therefore have very little or any peroxide.

Q. How much do I need to use?

A. It is a very concentrated formula so only a pea size drop of each side by side on your toothbrush is needed.


Q. Can I use this everyday as my regular toothpaste routine?

A. Yes this is gentle enough to use everyday twice a day.


Q. How long will the 4oz tubes last?

A. Depending on how many people share the duo, It shall last one person at least 2 to 3 months if not longer.


Q. Is it compatible with dental work?

A. Yes , It will remove stains from all dental works including bonding, porcelain veneers and crowns, and dentures. It will bring it back to the original color your dental made you.